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Rebecca an indecent story (2019)

Rebecca Volpetti is a 21 year old student who’s jut finished her studies. Before moving on in her life, she decides to take some off just to relax and think about her future. To do so, she knows she needs to get out of her comfort zone and leave far from home. What about Spain? In spite of her worries and the difficulties she may have to face, Rebecca knows that a long stay abroad will only bring her positive adventures.
Barely arrived in Barcelona, she meets Yanick Shaft, an attractive man who offers her to show her around the city and all its pleasures. Since she is not shy, Rebecca accepts the offer right away. On the way back to his place, Yanick stops to give a quick phone call. What he doesn’t know is that the young woman is already under his spell. She’s so turned on that she starts masturbating in the car while she waits. Once at Yanick’s luxurious apartment, Rebecca runs to take a shower to cool her down before the two lovers start to make passionate love.
The sexual chemistry between the two lovers is so intense that the young woman quickly says yes when Yanick asks if she’s want to meet his best friend Kristof. If Rebecca was still innocent when she arrived, it’s clearly not the case anymore. While her boyfriend is preparing drinks, Rebecca starts making out with their guest although she just met him. She just wants one thing : getting fucked by the two of them at the same time. This very intense threesome when the two men give her what she wanted, a deep double penetration.
Постер Rebecca an indecent story (2019)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: HDRip
Студия: Marc Dorcel
Время: 02:49:04
Страна: France

Актеры: Amirah Adara, Rebecca Volpetti, Talia Mint

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Rebecca an indecent story (2019)


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