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  5. Голодные до привязанности / Starved For Affection (1985)

Голодные до привязанности / Starved For Affection (1985)

Starved For Affection
Three adventurous men leave their wives at home for an weekend of roughing it at a rural cabin in the mountains. But when they arrive they discover that the cabin is too dismal for even the most hearty of campers! Not ready to give up on their weekend of fun yet -- or do any work themselves, for that matter -- the guys hire three lovely ladies from the 'Starving Students Labor Force' to help brighten things up. Soon, gorgeous Nikki Charm, Joanna Storm and Tess Ferre show up and prove that they're hungry, alright -- hungry for down and dirty dalliances with our trio of married men. The gals clean the place up, but when they're finished they stick around for some erotic good times with the guys. Romping on top of pool tables, playing with a variety of salacious sex toys and strutting around in the latest lingerie fashions, these gals really know how to perk up a long weekend. This sexvid features some of the tastiest young tarts of their time at the passionate peak of their game. Nikki Charm in particular shines, playing the wayward ingenue to the sex kittenish hilt. Beneath her coy mannerisms lurks the heart of a true sexual go-getter, and we get to see both sides of Nikki's persona as she teases then pleases her men. Weekend getaways have never been more relaxing!
Постер Голодные до привязанности / Starved For Affection (1985)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: DVDRip
Студия: AVC
Время: 01:24:04
Страна: США

Актеры: Nikki Charm, Joanna Storm, Tess Ferre, Tami Lee Curtis, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, Jay Serling

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Голодные до привязанности / Starved For Affection (1985)

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