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XConfessions Vol. 28 (2021)

XConfessions volume 28 is here, featuring six new erotic movies by six directors adapted from the public's anonymous sexual confessions. This volume features a range of erotic situations that show just how wild and varied your sexual imaginations and desires are.
In Xocolate, you'll travel to Venezuela to meet a chocolatier, her cacao supplier, and a very special aphrodisiac. Next up, Cane Honey takes you into a flamenco dancer's candle-lit dressing room in the south of Spain as she meets a younger married man for a secret rendezvous. Then, you're invited into the XConfessions' convent in Sisters of Pleasure featuring four nuns who have vowed themselves to celibacy... If a psychological thriller is more your vibe, then The Narcissist starring two of your favourite performers Julia Roca & Bunnie Bennett is waiting for you. Next, travel to California for Surf Porn — the name say's it all — and finally to Germany for Orlandos, a period movie that pays homage to Virgina Wolf's book of the same name.
This is an erotic collection of adult movies that shows that variety really is the spice of life.
Постер XConfessions Vol. 28 (2021)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: BDRip
Студия: Erika Lust Films
Время: 01:48:17
Страна: USA

Актеры: Julia Roca, María Riot, Jane Jones, Nathan Bronson, Bunnie Bennett, Liv Revamped, Daniela Escalona, Tommy Cabrio, Miss Estigia, Manuel Melinkoff

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XConfessions Vol. 28 (2021)

Плеер Sisters of Pleasure Surf Porn The Narcissist Xocolate

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