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  5. Содом будущего / Future Sodom (1988)

Содом будущего / Future Sodom (1988)

Future Sodom
Future Sodom is a story driven flick from the late 80’s. Story plot is irrelevant here as the girls definitely rule. Camera work is excellent and production values are great considering the time frame this was shot. As was the standard back then, the girls all sport fuzzy muffs and no ink, all except Viper that is, and she was truly ahead or her time, sporting major ink and a clean pussy. Like her or hate her look, Viper could definitely show today’s stars a thing or two about being a porn slut. The late Gerard Dimiano offers up some very hot scenes even by today’s standards. All scenes, except for 1, are threesomes, foursomes, or moresomes and literally every popshot covers at least once face. This is definitely worth owning. And as an added bonus, three of the five girls in this are featured in several scenes. The guys were the usual porn stars from that era. No extras worth mentioning.
Laurel Canyon: cute flat chested blonde opens this up by getting pig roasted by 2 of the guys in an outdoor scene. Nice facials for her. Laurel follows this scene up by teaming up with Brit Morgan for some double oral weenie loving on Peter North. North lets loose on their faces with one of his trademark eruptions of liquid lava love. Laurel also seems to get fucked by literally every guy in the orgy scene. Lucky Bastards.
Britt Morgan: Aside from the above mentioned double oral weenie love, Brit returns in the orgy, taking a mouth shot of at least 5 good spurts from one of the guys. IMHO, this rivals the cum shot currently mentioned on the AdultDvdtalk forum board that Julia Ann takes.
Frankie Leigh: I love everything about this girl; more so than even Laurel. If there ever was a girl in need of a nose job, it’d be Frankie, but it adds to her appeal. She does a great bathtub fuck scene and then takes a spectacular facial shot that almost goes up her nose. I love this scene. Excellent camera work. She returns later on in the last scene to give some triple oral weenie love. I love how the gonad goo just runs down her chin. What’s nice about this scene is that Frankie actually does all of the coaxing of penis pudding onto her face and into her mouth. No pencil sharpening by the guys here.
Viper: Only performs in the orgy here, gets some face time, has a shaved pussy, does some anal, and takes a facial. Strictly a filler girl here.
Постер Содом будущего / Future Sodom (1988)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: DVDRip
Студия: Vidco Entertainment
Время: 01:20:55
Страна: USA

Актеры: Britt Morgan, Frankie Leigh, Lauryl Canyon, Maritza Hernandez, Sunny Day, Viper

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Содом будущего / Future Sodom (1988)

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