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  5. Профессор сексуального образования / Professor Of Sex Ed (1973)

Профессор сексуального образования / Professor Of Sex Ed (1973)

Professor Of Sex Ed
"What I planned to get into tonight, was a discussion of the clitoris," the prof announces over coffee and cookies, and then asks for a student volunteer. This whole business is carried on with such utter earnestness by everyone involved that the movie goes over the top by the back door, as it were.
When the students retire to various rooms in the house with "assignments," they maintain the same mood of educational seriousness, which works to Heighten the erotic quality of their sexual homework. The students read passages from The Sex Book and then apply what they’ve read hands-on. In the background throughout, some sort of Hopi flute-rattle-drum music plays softly, adding to the atmosphere of high endeavor.
"External genital organs," one cute co-ed writes in her notebook, then turns to her classmate with, "You think I should put ’cunt’ so he knows what I’m talking about?" The classmate thinks about it a moment and says, "Yeah," as if it was indeed a good idea. In another room, a hippie chick blows her classmate while he very effectively reads Shakespeare aloud to her!
The Deviate was delirious! He’s never seen anything quite like this before! All the girl students have that fresh frosh look, and mirabile dictu their enjoyment of the sexual activities they methodically engage in appears to be natural and real.
An unbelievable Turn-On and a Collector’s Item if there ever was one!
Постер Профессор сексуального образования / Professor Of Sex Ed (1973)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: DVDRip
Студия: Something Weird Video
Время: 00:58:06
Страна: USA

Актеры: Daniel Harin

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Профессор сексуального образования / Professor Of Sex Ed (1973)

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