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Двойной Удар / Double Tap (2021)

Double Tap
1+1=3: The Most European Northern American Talent, Serbian Canadian Alyssa Reece has been for a long time and still remains a true reference in girl girl action.
Now that she does boys on camera, she gives it all as usual and lives the session like it's her last scene. In this set up she is paired up with Kristof Cale and Mad Bundy for a her debut threesome vignette including, anal, gaping, DP with a lot of fluids being exchanged in a live environment of cars, bikes, ambulances passing by while it's all happening. Rock on Alyssa!
Two In One: Ukrainian sexual machine Daphne Klyde is having a blast in summer time and is free as a bird. She eats men for breakfast or in her slumber and takes pride in calling herself the anal queen.
She then engages in an adventure with Thomas and Steve. Q for some heavy anal, DP, DV, and squirts at the least expected moment.
She is experimenting life as it cums and she will not look back in repent. Daphne Klyde is a true warrior.
TK DP Action: The Porn Queen of Europe, the most hardworking woman in the industry, hustling all day all night everyday, Tina Kay late boomer hard core actress coming from mainstream modeling is a beast, never stops and never will. Period. As nasty as it comes and filthy with style, the English gal brings the heat straight up with two boys and shows how a proper double penetration is performed in a fun and playful way.
Double Tap: Floranne Russell might seem quiet at first glance but she doesn't get scared off easily. She DOES IT ALL! Once she reaches out, it’s on! Floranne steps up and brings the heat with two handsome studs and enjoys getting her body discovered before eating out these men alive. Back and forth swapping’ it done, Floranne Russell gets analyzed first before hopping’ on those cocks and making sure she’s filled up air tight. Busy bee all the way through!
Постер Двойной Удар / Double Tap (2021)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: WEB-DL
Студия: Sinematica
Время: 01:49:00
Страна: USA

Актеры: Alyssa Reece, Tina Kay, Daphne Klyde, Florane Russell

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Двойной Удар / Double Tap (2021)

Плеер Tina Kay Florane Russell Daphne Klyde Alyssa Reece

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