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  5. Не мочите их / Don't Get Them Wet (1987)

Не мочите их / Don't Get Them Wet (1987)

Don't Get Them Wet
This is a trip you’ll never forget. A science-fiction fantasy that dares to explore the heights and depths of man’s sex hungry desires. Put yourself in the hero’s place, in a sex-aid store. Looking for a sexy gift for his roommates birthday, the storekeeper suggest the ultimate in a high-tech sex toy. A “doll” that talks, f_ks, and won’t become pregnant. But there’s a warning, never get her wet, and don’t let her eat after midnight. But who can heed such a warning when the “doll” is so beautiful, the sex is so great, and when a climax makes her juicy wet?
And how can one say no when she wants to literally devour every part of you-even after midnight? The result of these happenings is more than any man can wish for. From Beta, the original “doll” comes forth Delta and Gamma, and these three insatiable sex-hungry beauties go on a sexual rampage that will leave you panting with delight. Can they be controlled? Will their seducing prowess add to their population? See the surprising, arousing climax to this fantastic erotic fantasy for the answers. You’ll be amazed!
Постер Не мочите их / Don't Get Them Wet (1987)
Перевод: Английский
Формат: DVDRip
Студия: Caballero Video
Время: 01.16.59
Страна: USA

Актеры: Breezy Lane, Domino, Paula Winters, Viper, Bill Margold, Jerry Butler, Jonathon Lee, Mike Horner

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Не мочите их / Don't Get Them Wet (1987)

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