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  5. Дырявый Пакет / The Leaky Package (2021)

Дырявый Пакет / The Leaky Package (2021)

The Leaky Package
Oliver Flynn nervously arrives for his massage and is greeted by Adriana Maya, his masseuse for the day. She warmly invites him inside to get started but it's quickly revealed that Oliver is shy about his body. Even so, Adriana assures him that she'll be nothing but professional, so Oliver takes a deep breath and keeps going. Lucas Frost, a courier, is racing to make a delivery to a massage parlor. Along the way, he has an accident on his bike, which leads to the package he's carrying getting damaged. When he arrives, Gianna Dior isn't happy with her expensive NURU gel having been damaged. Despite her irritation, Gianna offers to give him a NURU massage to see the gel in action. Nathan Bronson arrives for a massage. He seems to be a famous person but the masseuse Gia Paige doesn't recognize him. At the same time, he wants to remain inconspicuous. They head into the massage room where Gia gives Nathan a NURU massage, sliding her perfect body on him. Nathan may be kind of a big deal, but it doesn't mean Gia's going to treat him differently than any other client.
Постер Дырявый Пакет / The Leaky Package (2021)
Формат: WEB-DL
Студия: Fantasy Massage
Время: 02:03:30
Страна: USA

Актеры: Gianna Dior, Gia Paige, Adriana Maya, Lucas Frost, Nathan Bronson, Oliver Flynn

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Дырявый Пакет / The Leaky Package (2021)

Плеер Adriana Maya Gianna Dior Gia Paige Adriana Maya

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